About Gus Dark

Gus Dark – illustrator, Cartoonist, Graphic Designer, Gamer, Blogger and Joker

Gus Dark was born in East Bali, on 21st July 1982, Summer time, He loves drawing, music, and movie. Since he was a kid he showing so much loves on art, make him well known in local area as the person you’ll have to meet when you need something to draw.

Gus Dark studied Graphic design in Modern School of Design Jogja where he meets some artists and got some influence from them, in art way. His dream is bigger than his head, as long as he got great computer, graphic software, a cup of coffee and music, you can be sure  that he’s right on his track , designing …

Gus has a T-shirt label, named DARKADE, a mark of his passion and loves with tees design. check ’em out at “”

As cartoonist Gus draw his own cartoon character named “Mang Ogel”, this name was given by an editor and published in Newspaper, back in the day. you can check some of the cartoon at “”

Gus is a vector freak, his love on vector begun when he finally mastered his ability to transform his own drawing into vector art and keep continuing mixing vector art and image editing software ever since …

Beside designing, he usually caught in different world, as spy and peace maker, a hero among other people, his latest journey is fighting some zombies and kickin’ some bad a**, villains, a bounty hunter, a rebel police, dark knight and soldier of fortune … ( just give him console and he will transform into a hero of Games world)


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